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Xcode: Unit Testing

Xcode 2.1 introduced integrated unit testing to the Xcode IDE. Xcode includes two unit testing frameworks, target templates for setting up test bundle targets, and infrastructure for running unit tests every time you build your project and reporting their results in the Build Results window just like compilers and linkers do. With Xcode unit testing, […]

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WWDC 2005 Wrap-Up

WWDC 2005 is over, and damn was it a great week! Apple made some incredible announcements and shipped some incredible software, I got to see lots of old friends and make a lot of new ones, and I got to talk to lots of developers about things that I’m passionate about: Core Data, unit testing, […]

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Unit testing and Core Data

Mike Zornek asks about unit testing and Core Data. I’ve been meaning to write about this, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Writing unit tests against your model and code that uses Core Data is easy. For example, it’s trivial to load your compiled model in a unit test: NSManagedObjectModel *model = […]

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