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Monthly Archives: March 2006

“Enterprise” thought leadership?

David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Rails at 37signals, takes James McGovern — some Java/J2EE author — to task for his über-lame rant against Ruby in the Enterprise in a great post titled Boy, is James McGovern enterprise or what! > So by Enterprise, Architect, and Enterprise Architect standards, this gent must be the top of the […]

Making Better Games with Test-Driven Development

Noel Llopis (Games from Within) and Sean Houghton, Backwards Is Forward: Making Better Games with Test-Driven Development: > One of the questions we had when we jumped into TDD is > whether it was going to hold for high-level code. We had > seen in practice from previous projects that we can > certainly do […]

Cooperative User Threads vs. Preemptive Kernel Threads

James Robertson, Cooperative Threading: > Well, in Cincom Smalltalk, this model gives you predictability – > you know exactly what a thread is going to do. The issue with runaway > threads rarely comes up for a simple reason – most processes end up > pausing for I/O (user input, db access, file access, sockets […]