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Designing for Core Data performance

On the newsgroup, Florian Zschocke asked about improving the performance of his Core Data application. Here’s an adapted version of my reply to his post. Core Data applications should scale quite well to large data sets when using an SQLite persistent store. That said, there are a couple implementation tactics that are critical to […]

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“Enterprise” thought leadership?

David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Rails at 37signals, takes James McGovern — some Java/J2EE author — to task for his über-lame rant against Ruby in the Enterprise in a great post titled Boy, is James McGovern enterprise or what! So by Enterprise, Architect, and Enterprise Architect standards, this gent must be the top of the pop. […]

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Cooperative User Threads vs. Preemptive Kernel Threads

James Robertson, Cooperative Threading: Well, in Cincom Smalltalk, this model gives you predictability – you know exactly what a thread is going to do. The issue with runaway threads rarely comes up for a simple reason – most processes end up pausing for I/O (user input, db access, file access, sockets – what have you). […]

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Joel still doesn’t get it

A couple days ago in Joel on Software, Joel claimed that in order for it to make economic sense to develop a Macintosh product, you had to be able to sell 25 times as many copies as you would a Windows product. Bullshit. First of all, you can’t just assume that the relative market sizes […]

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