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The American “Far-Left”

We don’t have a movement, but if you neutrally ask Americans their opinions on a variety of topics, a very significant number of us would prefer the far left if we at all thought it was feasible to pursue. Look no further than the popularity of Star Trek, or as some like to call it, […]

GG was a trial run

jorm: it’s so clear to me that all the bullshit of the past 8 years was stoked so that we’d be too divided to enter this fight I mean, I think everything. I think Brexit, Gamergate, Q-Anon. In the end all of this feels like the weaponization of exploits in both our general and specific […]

Lucky Dozen

Today is my twelfth anniversary in Developer Tools at Apple! Still love it, too!


Cupertino is at one edge of the Santa Clara Valley, one of the best places on the continent to grow fruit. This display is in our Whole Foods, one of the (if not the) largest stores they have. All of the brands are local and don’t exist any more, because we paved them over in […]


I’ve had my car for 10 years, and my odometer rolled over 100,000 miles earlier today. Time to start thinking about a new car! Maybe a Tesla Model S, in a couple of years…

Five years!

As of today, I’ve been with Apple for five years, working on developer tools. It’s been great and I look forward to many more years of improving the experience for people creating great Mac and iPhone software!

New bike! Marin Belvedere 2007

I just got my first bike since junior high, and rode a bike today for the first time since high school! Many thanks to Meg for helping me pick it out and to Dan and others for listening to me ramble about what I might or might not want. What I wound up getting was […]

I fucking hate this city

Meg rode her bike down from the hotel to Union Square to meet me for dinner, locking it up at a bike station right outside Borders. After we walked back from dinner, we discovered it had been stolen. Right in the middle of dinner, right on the corner of fucking Union Square. I fucking hate […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: Four Years On

Today was my [four year anniversary][1] working on [developer tools][2] at [Apple][3]. No regrets about taking the red pill here! [1]: [2]: [3]:

The fundamental theorem of social software

jwz, Groupware Bad: > “How will this software get my users laid” should be on the minds of > anyone writing social software (and these days, almost all software > is social software). I like to think of this as the fundamental theorem of social software.