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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Not it!

I didn’t write [Carrie’s Dots][1] — but I did download it! It was written by [Dr. Chris Hanson][2], a Chris Hanson who’s evidently still in the mid-South. Maybe the next time I get a chance to visit Mississippi, we’ll get to meet up! [1]: [2]:

LLVM terminology

I thought the proper terminology was worth pointing out, since I’ve seen — and heard — some misuses lately. * **[LLVM][1]** is the Low-Level Virtual Machine and the project surrounding it. * **[LLVM-GCC][2]** is a compiler that uses GCC for its front-end and LLVM for its back-end. * **[Clang][3]** is the C language family front-end […]

New bike! Marin Belvedere 2007

I just got my first bike since junior high, and rode a bike today for the first time since high school! Many thanks to Meg for helping me pick it out and to Dan and others for listening to me ramble about what I might or might not want. What I wound up getting was […]