NeXTstation Color: Free to good (local) home

I have a complete 25MHz NeXTstation Color that I want to get rid of to a good home — in other words, you should want to use in some capacity as a NeXT workstation, not make its case into art or something. This isn’t some crappy PC of which there are millions with tiny variations among them, it’s a workstation of which only a relatively small number were made.


  • NeXTstation Color
  • 17-inch NeXT Color Display
  • 16MB RAM
  • 400MB SCSI HD
  • NeXT Keyboard (non-ADB)
  • NeXT Mouse (non-ADB)
  • NeXT Sound Box
  • Appropriate cabling.

It worked the last time I turned it on, which was probably 2003. It’s been in a box in my closet — the box the movers put it in when I moved out here four years ago. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. The motherboard battery will probably need replacing, for one thing.

Want it, and reasonably local to Cupertino? Ping me and we’ll talk.

Update: The NeXTstation is claimed! Thanks for the impressive response — who knew so many people would want a workstation that’s old enough to drive?

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