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peterb hits it out of the park

peterb of Tea Leaves, in Game Developer To World: Please Revolve Around Me! summarizes the position taken by Tim Sweeny of Epic during an interview thusly: People aren’t buying expensive enough PCs. Even the expensive PCs aren’t good enough to run his games. People who buy cheaper machines with Intel integrated graphics are giving their […]

The Design of Everyday Games

[Tea Leaves][1], [The Design of Everyday Games][2]: > I’ve been playing a lot of *Advance Wars* lately. It is a > perfect little gem of a game, and I’d like to use it to > make some points about good game design. > > Good game design increase richness, but eliminates > complexity. Good game […]

Making Better Games with Test-Driven Development

Noel Llopis (Games from Within) and Sean Houghton, Backwards Is Forward: Making Better Games with Test-Driven Development: > One of the questions we had when we jumped into TDD is > whether it was going to hold for high-level code. We had > seen in practice from previous projects that we can > certainly do […]