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Supreme Court Tax Fraud?

Did Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito commit tax fraud? I assume that in addition to knowingly not including the very valuable “gifts” from their “friends” in their financial disclosures, they also knowingly didn’t pay federal or state taxes on them. Politicians, judges, and other high-level public servants should be audited annually and, if more than […]

California Care

Instead of ballot propositions for bullshit like splitting up the state, California really needs a ballot proposition implementing universal healthcare and seizing the existing health care infrastructure for the people. Treating health care as a for-profit business is a crime against humanity.


Italian author Umberto Eco defined “Ur-Fascism” in an article in the New York Review of Books in June, 1995. It can be distilled into fourteen points. It’s worth taking a look at these to see just what our society is dealing with when it comes to “alt-right” Neo-Nazis and the ideology they promote. Thanks to […]