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Arc in a nutshell: It’s no Dylan (and that’s too bad)

What’s the point of Arc? Infix-syntax Dylan is a much, much better language, especially once you add in the changes and features from the Dylan Design Notes and the infix version (but keep the prefix syntax). Really, Dylan is pretty much the Ultimate Lisp in a lot of ways.

Arc is essentially (decr Scheme) with a couple of interesting additions to try and make up for the downsides. Downsides like a lack of international character support (what decade is it again?!) and an unhygienic macro system.

Dylan — as designed in the early 1990s — really is (incr Scheme). It’s essentially Scheme re-hosted atop an enhanced CLOS-like object system. With the prefix syntax, it’s even very Scheme-like in actual use.

So, yeah. If you’re interested in Arc, check out Dylan. It’s a better language, and there have been implementations available for 15+ years.

PS – The original Dylan had a <unicode-string> class. In the early 1990s.

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