Free font happiness! Inconsolata, Kaffeesatz and Tagesschrift

I love good fonts. It’s one of the things that I enjoy most about Mac OS X — the font rendering is *wonderful*.

Lately for programming and Terminal use, I’ve used [Inconsolata][1] by [Raph Levien][2]. It’s a very clean monospaced font that renders really well at 12 points and higher, and is perfectly usable for coding at that size. It avoids the [Vera Sans Mono][3] problems with too-thin horizontal lines at common sizes.

Tonight — thanks to [Jens Alfke][4] and his [logo design][5] for the [Mercurial][6] distributed SCM system — I’ve discovered the free fonts from [Yanone][7], specifically [Kaffeesatz][8] and [Tagesschrift][9]. Kaffeesatz in particular is a pretty slick font; hopefully I can find a use for it in something.

Any other free & open font suggestions? Let me know in the comments. I can always use more great fonts.


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